Thursday, October 17, 2019


Attire: Black Tie, Costume Optional
The Long Island Elite presents its 12th Annual Charity Masquerade “Bollywood”.
As always, this will not be your typical charity event. Inspired by the colorful and explosive world of Indian cinema, the grand and glamorous world of Bollywood has been chosen as this year’s theme.
Bollywood is a portmanteau or combination of two words – Bombay and Hollywood. Bombay, today known as Mumbai, is located on the west coast of India and is home to the world’s largest film industry. Bollywood movies are known for always being over-the-top in all elements. Whether it’s the love of color and vibrancy in all things, movies that are usually three hours long, or the irrepressible music and dancing, subtlety is non-existent in Bollywood.
We hope you will join us as we travel to the far east and are transported into this glamourous world with fairytale endings, embracing India and its majestic culture.
The evening will also include passed hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, a lavish display of food, Oheka Castle’s famous dessert room, live music, entertainment and prizes. Guests are encouraged to dress in the evening’s theme.

LIE Charity Partner of the Year

Long Island Reach Mission

Long Island Reach seeks to reach out and work with troubled youth and families to engage and help them learn better ways to cope with their pain, to enhance their self-esteem, to develop their self-awareness, to treat chemical dependency issues, and to help seek and create alternatives to self-destructive, aberrant and anti-social behavior. Long Island Reach is task-oriented and concerned with human relations both of employees and clients.

About Long Island Reach

Long Island Reach was founded in 1970 to provide treatment, education and prevention services with respect to chemical dependency. Since that time, based on an analysis of community needs, Long Island Reach has developed programs aimed at improving the quality of life for youth and families. These services include concrete service assistance including health, financial, housing, and employment counseling and referrals, alternative education, court intervention, teenage pregnancy prevention and services and crisis intervention. Consistent with their philosophical commitment to the availability of locally based professional services, Long Island Reach has broadened their reach through consolidation with other community based programs. The result is a comprehensive integrated Community based Multi-Service agency with Long Island Reach’s main site and a satellite site located in Long Beach, and two Divisions of Long Island Reach; Link Counseling Center located in Lynbrook and Port Washington Counseling Center located in Port Washington. Long Island Reach serves all residents of Long Island with counseling centers in Long Beach, Lynbrook and Port Washington. All money raised for Long Island Reach will be used to fund enhancement and expansion of chemical dependency services for the Port Washington Counseling Center’s Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Program. Expansion of these services allows the clinics to meet the increasing demand for addiction and prevention services. With the current opioid epidemic growing on Long Island, raising money to expand Long Island Reach’s coverage area has never been more critical to the health of our community.
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